Books and Languages that I have interest an somewhat exposure to.

Heres some of the symbols that make me tick.

Heres a set of important books for me.

Design Patterns

Gang of Four

The essential book on good solutions to typical programming problems.

The Art of Agile Development

J. Shore & S. Warden

A first person story on the Agile Development process.


Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler shows you where, when and how to redesign and refactor your code.

Test Driven Development

Kent Beck

Kent Beck is the Father of all TDD.

Practice of Programming

Brian Kernighan & Rob Pike

The inventor of C and the inventor of Go explain how to be better at programming

Legacy Code

Michael Feathers

Feathers describes legacy code as "code without tests" and how to deal with it.

Clean Code

Robert C. Martin

A book in fad that borrows most of its thoughts for other books also on this list.