Legacy Projects

Most paradigms have the idea of trying to organise structure in programming. And there are paradigms that don’t organize structure and they are called Legacy Code. - Kevlin Henney

  • Project needs new functionality?
  • The programmer left halfway the project?
  • An old project has a bug?

I specialise in Legacy Projects

Throughout my career I dealt with many legacy projects. Some were more complicated than others but they all had something in common - no standards.

Standards play a very important part in the project as both documentation and the code itself becoming easier to understand and fix

I follow a simple process to deal with such projects :

  1. All code will go into version control.
  2. Identify the part of the project that needs change.
  3. Document the code.
  4. Setup a staging / sandbox server.
  5. Test / Refactor.
  6. Deploy.